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Are you using PrismHR? We provide very integration out of PrismHR for enrollments.

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EDI Setup - Play by Play
Our PrismHR integration can easily connect with your PrismHR provision. We are easy to connect. We support many carriers and can send COBRA as well as non-COBRA enrollments. Full automation is available with our integration so you don't have to babysit your EDI documents out.

• We'll provision you in our cloud for EDI service and from there you can provide a user ID, password, PEO ID, client ID(s) and plan ID(s) and we will connect our cloud to your PrismHR provision
• We will work with your team to generate the required test enrollment files for your trading partner - we handle the certification
• Once you and your trading partners are satisfied, you can move to production
• It's that easy